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GT40 history

The GT40 Mark V Story

A Letter from Peter Thorp

"Although there was considerable publicity in the past and especially when the GT40 Mark V was launched in 1981, this was over thirty years ago and for this reason I have been requested to compile the Mark V story for all the GT40 Owners, Enthusiasts and Motoring Media..."

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ON RECORD – Peter Thorp about the GT40 Mark V

"I have always admired the GT40, both in design and performance. Although not successful immediately, it became an iconic sports racing car, well ahead of its time and more than fulfilled its promise by winning the world famous 24 Hour Le Mans four times in a row." Peter Thorp.

Peter Thorp talks about the history of the GT40 Mark V cars

GT40 makes history

The legendary winning series


1966 Le Mans winning GT40

GT40 cars took 1st 2nd and 3rd place at Le Mans, making history as the first time a North American car wins.


1967 Le Mans winning GT40

Another win for Ford at Lemans, this time with the Mark IV J-5 car.


1968 Le Mans winning GT40

Gulf GT40 wins at Le Mans with GT40P 1075, car #9.


1969 Le Mans winning GT40

For the first time ever in Le Mans history, the same car - chassis GT40P/1075 won 1st place two successive years. In 1969, the car was #6.

History Graphic

Genuine GT40 cars have continued to be produced since the 60's.

Production of GT40 Mark I - Mark II
approx 19% of all GT40's

Production of GT40 Mark III
approx 3% of all GT40's

Production of GT40 Mark IV
approx 3% of all GT40's


GT40 is trademarked by Safir Engineering

Production of GT40 Mark V
approx 9% of all GT40's


Safir GT40 Spares purchases GT40

since 2000
Production of Safir Spf GT40 Mark I - Mark II
approx 66% of all GT40's


Ford builds two concept cars and applied to Safir GT40 Spares for GT40 serial numbers.


Genuine GT40 cars produced before Safir purchased GT40


1 out of 3

Genuine GT40 cars produced since Safir acquired the brand


2 out of 3