Press Release

August 31, 2017


It's a GT40! WorlD premiere of the first supercar guitar

When you think GT40, you envision the distinctive look, style, shape and sound of the iconic cars that made racing history 50 years ago.

Welcome the GT40 Victory Series Guitars - a limited production of 100 guitars for each of the four victorious GT40s.  

The limited edition GT40 Victory Series guitars were designed with the classic style of the cars in mind.  From the curvy fender flares and quintessential air scoop, to the trademarked GT40 logo and low aerodynamic stance, the design of the car became a unique challenge to represent in a guitar.

Carving a hood scoop into the body of the guitar where the strings emerge was decided by the GT40 team early in the design process to emulate the most recognized features of the car.  “You should look at the guitar and immediately know it’s a GT40,” said Sheldon Ryll, designer for Safir GT40 Marketing.  John Sadler from Safir GT40 Spares brought forward the brilliant concept of matching actual GT40 car chassis plate numbers to the guitars. In this way, the supercar company makes its own brand of distinctive guitar while creating an authentic collectible by matching the chassis numbers from some of the most revered race cars in the world.

The limited edition GT40 Victory Series guitars are like no like no other guitar ever made. Safir sourced a full production manufacturing facility, Hoodoo Guitars, to engineer and produce the limited edition GT40 guitars with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.  Engineering the neck-through body of the guitar using quality maple brings a rich and powerful tone to these matchless instruments.

Depicting the victorious GT40 car numbers on the “roundel” pick guards, and having a chassis plate reflecting the actual cars’ chassis numbers, will make these stunning guitars the perfect commemorative item, truly representing the victorious GT40s of the 1960s.  

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