GT40P-1133 Mark V

Production Sheet

GT40 Mark V chassis 1133

1133 Photographed over the M3 Motorway in the UK
Built for Safir Engineering Limited in the UK. Final Assembly by John Etheridge.

Delivery Date:
July 1992
Chassis Plate:
JW Engineering
JW Engineering.
Chassis: Lightweight Riv- bonded Aluminum Monocoque
Chassis Colour:
British Leyland Cumulus Grey
Body Fuel Capacity:
Two Tanks, Each 14.4 US Gallon with twin fillers
Body Colour:
Toyota Metallic Grey
Body Style:
Open Roadster
Body Material:
Ultra Lightweight Kevlar Carbon Fiber
Side Stripes:
Racing Stripes:
325 Cubic Inches, 5.3L, 400 HP Mathwall Built.
Oil System:
Dry Sump
Holley Twin Choke
DART aluminium heads
AP Racing Twin Disc. Hydraulic Activated
ZF 5DS25/2 5 Speed Limited Slip 3.77 Final Drive
KONI Aluminium Adjustable
Brakes Front:
AP 12 X 1.1 Inch Disc Vented / Four Piston Racing Calipers. Cross Drilled Discs
Brakes Rear:
AP 12 X 1.1 Inch Disc Vented / Four Piston Racing Calipers. Cross Drilled Discs
Wheels Front:
15" X 8" six spoke BRM. Magnesium
Wheels Rear:
15" X 10" six spoke BRM. Magnesium
Tyres Front:
BF Goodrich COMP T/A 225 60 VR 15
Tyres Rear:
BF Goodrich COMP T/A 255 60 VR 15
Full Aeroquip Lineage, Plush carpet. Stack Rev. Counter with Limiter

Aluminium 6 Row Super Gill Radiator
Mk.1 Magnesium Pedal Sled
Full Racing Seat Harness
Stainless Steel Exhaust System.
Central Fire extinguisher system.
Front Spot Lights Fitted Leather tonneau
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